Wanted Man Solid Cologne

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Wanted Man Solid Cologne, is a product that has been on our minds for some time now. We first started getting requests from our customers over a year ago for a hard cologne, but as with anything we release under the True Grit Grooming name, if we were going to release this product it had to be perfect!

We wanted to offer our customers a Cruelty Free, Vegan Hard Cologne with a "designer" fragrance. We have spent one year working to develop this hard cologne, by first perfecting the combination of carrier oils and Candelilla wax, a wax derived from plants. The next order of business was the scent! We spent countless hours mixing the finest fragrance oils, from reputable companies (who are compliant with our Leaping Bunny Cruelty Free Certification), and then conducting blind smell test and documenting the findings. After several studies we were actually surprised to find out what scents men (and woman) were attracted to! 

We feel confident that our 'Wanted Man' fragrance will get you noticed! It is a light designer scent with musky notes.



~Designer Scent~

~Organic Ingredients~

~Refillable Wood Housing~

Packaged in a Walnut Hardwood case that will last a lifetime! The Walnut case is reusable with fragrance refills. Light scent with musky notes.


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