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"With all these new grooming products on the market, why should I choose True Grit?"


Well sir...


True Grit Grooming Products for Men’s attention to detail and design, quality ingredients and exceptional customer rapport surpasses the competition, making True Grit a trusted source for superior Men's Grooming Products.  Our passion is crafting distinctive compounds that enhance ones personal style and character.  We take our job serious, and it shows.


True Grit Grooming Products are mixed, cured, bottled and packaged in an FDA registered natural laboratory located in Denver, Colorado.  We use only the finest (natural and organic) oils, butters and waxes from the most reputable manufactures.  All of our oils come from the manufacture with a COA (certificate of analysis) meaning it was tested for its purity and impurities.


We take pride knowing exactly what we are buying and selling to you, our valued customer.  We feel confident that once you try our products they will be an integral part of your personal style and daily routine.


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