Cal is a Barber’s Barber. He ventured into the industry in the Fall of 2013, and he never looked back. Formerly serving in the US Army and in the Middle East, he was always looked at as the "hard line, yet pretty boy” in his unit.

Searching for substance, barbering fell into his lap shortly thereafter, and changed the course of his post-Army career forever.

Cal is a lifelong hockey player, has made a name for himself as a touring musician, and an all around pleasant personality to be around. He is sure to offer a one of a kind experience and offer full knowledge of the True Grit Grooming product line, so don't wait, and book with him today!

Brittany grew up in Michigan, and after graduating high school, jumped straight into "beauty school" and trained to be a cosmetologist. As part of the curriculum, she also learned to cut men's hair, and that's where Brittany found her calling! She was drawn to the fine detail that goes into men's haircuts, and the barbering techniques she learned came natural to her. After getting her a license, she worked to the sound of clippers, and liked joking with the guys. She moved to Colorado and immediately went to school to get her barbers license, to expand her barbering skills, and pursue career as a barber! She perfected a beard trim and mastered a straight razor shave before she could legally buy a beer! With 5 years of experience Brittany is confident and comfortable behind the chair. Book your next soothing shave, top-notch beard trim, or a flawless fade, with her and meet your new barber! She can also handle all your hair coloring and waxing needs. IG @brittany_blendz


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