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The Best of True Grit

What is True Grit

True grit is revealed by persevering through adversity, and so True Grit Grooming was developed. Often the smallest things have the greatest impact on our lives. For Jacob Rockwell, founder and creator of True Grit Grooming Products for Men, it was a sliver of metal that radically altered his life path. While fabricating a bar for a wedding, a metal shaving got embedded in his hand. When he awoke the next day, his hand was swollen, he was running a fever, and he had tremendous internal pain. Jacob sensed something was wrong with his body. He went to the hospital where he was diagnosed with necrotizing fasciitis—a flesh eating bacteria. The doctors performed emergency surgery to save his hand, but decided to induce a coma to better manage his ailment. Months later Jacob awoke, cured, but he certainly wasn’t fully restored. Forty pounds lighter and with a disabled hand it seemed to Jacob that the only blessing from surviving his near death experience was that he had awoken with a full beard.

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True Grit is True Quality 

At True Grit Grooming we distinguish ourselves by creating high quality grooming
products meant to meet the needs of every man. Here we pride ourselves on
creating craftsman quality oils, balms, soaps and pomades. All of our products
are made in a professional laboratory and tested for impurities in Denver, Colorado so you always know what you’re getting from us: a high-quality product
that’s as tough and reliable as you are.

Certificate of Analysis 

True Grit Grooming uses only the finest oils, butters and waxes from the most reputable manufactures. That is why all of our oils come from the manufacture
with a COA (certificate of analysis) meaning it was tested to insure its purity and
that no impurities remain. By using only the highest quality ingredients in our
products, True Grit Grooming ensures that we deliver only the best. Where some
would try and hide cheep fillers in their products True Grit Grooming does it
different. We know the ingredients we use are the best on the market, and that is
why we feel proud to stand by the quality of our finished products.

Leaping Bunny Certification

In addition to our Certificate of Analysis (COA), all of our finished products, and the individual ingredients that go into them, are certified to be 100 percent cruelty free by the Leaping Bunny Program. This means that neither our finished products or the ingredients we use to manufacture them have ever been tested on animals.

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